Our Services

Team Working

As both an engineering and surveying firm, MEC offers a comprehensive understanding of land planning and development, roadway, utility design and coordination, and regulatory issues. We provide our clients with the experience and knowledge necessary to assist clients in scheduling and budgeting for their projects.

Our professional services include:

Team Working Civil/Site Development  
• Grant writing • Real estate development from planning through city approvals
• Land Planning • Construction staking and construction observation
• Site Design • Permitting (IDOT access, storm water, water main, sanitary sewers)
• Traffic studies • Collaborate with architects on building projects
• Subdivision design  

Team Working Land Surveying  
• Topographic mapping • City and rural surveys
• Construction stakeout • ALTA surveys
• Tract surveys • LOMAs (Flood Elevation Certificates)

Team Working Municipal Engineering  
• Roadways • Water Mains
• Sanitary sewer design • Drainage

Philip G. Martin, P.E. – President (pmartin@martinengineeringco.com)
Steven R. Walker, P.L.S. – Vice-President (swalker@martinengineeringco.com)