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Ash Grove Apartments, LLC |Corky Joyner

Client Name: Ash Grove Apartments, LLC |Corky Joyner
Location: Springfield, Illinois
Date Completed: On-going; Multi-year, Multi-phase project

This development consists of 17 buildings with 12 units in each building containing a mixture of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units. 

Engineering Services

Land Surveying: Right-of-Way, Topographic Survey, Tract Survey, Construction Stakeout
Subdivision: Residential Large Scale Development
Civil Site Design: Multi-Family Residential

In 2017, Ash Grove Apartments LLC purchased 15 acres on Ash Grove Drive. Prior to finalizing the purchase, they needed to obtain zoning to allow apartments. Martin Engineering assisted with preliminary conceptual site plans and zoning assistance. Also during this crucial early zoning phase, MEC supplemented a previous traffic study we had done for the property. The supplemental traffic study was necessary because the proposed use had changed. IDOT and the City of Springfield approved the supplemental traffic study. The zoning for the apartments was then approved.

After purchasing the property, Ash Grove Apartments, LLC turned MEC loose on the topographic mapping, civil engineering design and the Large Scale Development process via the City of Springfield.

The Ash Grove Apartment complex is located in a development that MEC had designed and managed through construction a year or two prior. While we had first-hand knowledge of the property, we needed to update the topographic mapping for post-development conditions.

The City of Springfield Large Scale Development process was the next step. MEC provided the conceptual design so that it would qualify for review by the City of Springfield’s process. MEC shepherded the project through various public hearings and the City Council until the Large Scale Plans were approved. The detailed civil engineering design, including sanitary sewer for the 20 apartment buildings, coordination of watermain with the City of Springfield, erosion control plans, site grading and site plans were next. Because of the amount of sewage flow, the sanitary sewer needed to be permitted through the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and we prepared those applications.

Finally, the apartments needed to obtain city building permits. Martin Engineering handled the civil portion of that and the multi-phased project was able to begin.

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