Grant Writing & Administration Experience

Village of Kincaid

CDAP Grant

Sangamon County Complex

Rebuild Illinois Grant

Village of Spaulding

Pavement Management System Microgrant

City of Taylorville


The video link below shows construction work and the final development of the Taylorville Commercial and Industrial Park.

Village of Curran

USDA Rural Development Grant and CDBG Grant 

A partial list of our Grant Writing and Administration experience:

  • CDAP - Village of Kincaid, Illinois
  • CDBG - Village of Curran, Illinois
  • USDA, Rural Development Grant - City of Taylorville, Illinois
  • Rebuild Illinois - Sangamon County Complex and others
  • USEDA - Taylorville Development Association, Taylorville, Illinois
  • Sangamon County Microgrant 

Rebuild Illinois Grant Writing (results pending):

  • Village of Williamsville - Public Infrastructure Grant
  • Village of Riverton - NOFO OGM Grant
  • Village of Riverton - Fast Track Public Infrastructure Grant
  • Sangamon County Water Reclamation District - Lake Sewers Grant Application
  • City of Taylorville
  • Sangamon County Elevator
  • Sangamon County Juvenile Detention Center Roof
  • Village of Edinburg


  • DCEO FLEX Grant for $525,000 for utility extensions and manufacturing equipment (SIC Recycling).  
  • DCEO EDGE Grant for $380,000 in tax credits to the company (SIC Recycling) over a ten year period.  
  • $5,000 from Sangamon County for Transportation Planning


  • $5,000 from Sangamon County for Transportation Planning


  • $5,000 from Sangamon County for Transportation Planning  
  • $145,000 CDAP Sanitary Sewer Design Grant  
  • $450,000 Public Infrastructure Grant  
  • $1,800,000 USDA Rural Development Grant/Loan


  • DCEO Grant Administration – Replacement of the Sewer Lift Station

East Nelson Township:  

  • DCEO Grant Administration – Water Line Extension

Jonathon Creek Township:  

  • DCEO Grant Administration – Water Line Extension


  • DCEO Grant Administration – Infrastructure Improvements


  • DCEO Grant Administration– DCCA-CDAP Water Treatment Facility


  • DECO Grant Administration – Drainage Improvements

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