Agricultural Drainage & Water Management

Martin Engineering Company of Illinois (MEC), a civil engineering and land surveying firm in Springfield, Illinois is pleased to announce their partnership with DIGS Associates, LLC (DIGS) of Moweaqua, Illinois. The partnership started on July 30, 2021.

Both companies believe there is a market desire for professionally designed drainage water management solutions in the agricultural field. Centrally located in the middle of the agricultural heartland, both MEC and DIGS are familiar with agricultural drainage concerns. Our partnered approach will provide clients with professionally engineered solutions directed towards these concerns.  Our approach will bring the agricultural community the highest level of professional civil engineering and land surveying coupled with boots on the ground experience, an understanding of agricultural drainage constructability, advice and assistance with cost sharing opportunities with various government entities, and the necessary practical experience.

DIGS is an experienced third-party drainage water management consultancy for landowners, utilities, investors, field tile contractors, farm managers, farmers, and drainage districts. MEC is a 39-year-old firm which specializes in professional civil engineering and professional land surveying services for a wide variety of client bases.

Solutions to agricultural field drainage issues are vitally important to the end result yield for the owner of the crop. This partnership will bring watershed level drainage solutions and drainage water management experience together with professional engineering and professional land surveying experience for a one stop shop. We will be able to provide drainage, irrigation and nutrient loss reduction solutions at the field and watershed level. Our projects will be reviewed professionally and globally.  In addition, any necessary permits from regulatory authorities will be addressed directly by this partnership.

MEC President, Phil Martin, says of the partnership: “From our standpoint, this is a win-win. We are teaming up with experienced, professional, good guys that have been servicing the agricultural drainage industry for over 25 years. We feel this is a path to additional market exposure, both for our professional engineering expertise as well as our land surveying expertise. We provide USDA Certified Technical Service Provider (TSP)/Licensed Professional Engineering Certification (PE) to the team.”

Chairman of the Board and Founding Partner, Quint Shambaugh, states about the partnership, “This is an outstanding day for both organizations, but we are exceptionally enthusiastic at DIGS Associates.  As an organization, it’s difficult to express how important this level of professional engineering services, land surveying capabilities, and real-world experience will be to our clients and the overall agricultural community.  This couldn’t be a bigger win for both DIGS and agriculture.  Our joint offerings will cover every step of the agricultural capital improvement life cycle, with a level of professionalism, experience and oversight that is the first of its kind in agriculture.”   

For more information on the partnership between DIGS Associates and Martin Engineering Company of Illinois, please see our websites at and Or simply call DIGS at (217) 768-4930 or MEC at (217) 698-8900.